Unknown Faces
By Frederick Wallace Ulyatt


In the places no one goes
Reside small faces no one knows
But if you think about them long and kind
You may just glimpse them in your mind

The creatures of the night and day
Seek their refuge without delay
In the trees and under the ground
Away from man they leap and bound.

Their homes abate before the saw
Whilst they flee in all their awe
Their dens but tombs beneath the treads
Of machines that render wood to shreds.

Their cries and shrieks go unheard
For those in power think absurd
The notion creatures play a vital role
Let alone they possess a soul

Innocent of any crime or deed
They disappear to sate man’s greed
As progress continues unabated
For man will never be truly sated.

In the spaces that are left behind
There is no life for you to find
Just a silent hollow vacant place
With neither soul nor furry face.

Once an Eden a place of bliss
Now a lonely lifeless abyss
Gone the joy of nature’s wonder
Now silent with a mother’s anger.

One day we will have to face our crime
When we ourselves run out of time
And Mother Nature shows her wrath
By wiping us slowly from this earth.

To change the future for we and they
We must stand our ground without delay
To stop the machines which do this deed
In service of those who live by greed.

Take the time to consider these words
We creatures who live by swords
What war do we consider won
When these creatures are all gone.






©Wildlife Mountain 2000 - 2017


We would also like to acknowledge the amazing support and help we have had from the Lismore Vet Clinic who have been an invaluable support to both us and the native wildlife of this region.

All native birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles are proteced under the Wildlife Act 1975, they may not be captured or harmed in any way without an authority issued under the Wildlife Act.