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27th November 2004

This juvenile female Sugar glider was found on the decking of a verandah early in the afternoon in Byron Bay. The caller was uncertain of how it had arrived, but could tell us that it seemed unresponsive. He thought it may have fallen from mums back at some stage.

When we received the little female it was not too well, very dehydrated, thin and the tail was broken. We rehydrated the poor little thing, and gave it something to eat, unfortunately it died during the night.

We wondered how did it come to be in such a sorry state, I rang the caller back the following day and he was able to tell me that some time earlier in the week, some large trees had been felled on a property next door.

We can only assume, but it seems possible that the drey of the Sugarglider family may have been somewhere in those trees, and this little female had fallen and broken her tail in the fall. We are once again reminded of just how many creatures may call older trees home, as we clear our gardens, please consider this important fact, we share our space with many other living creatures, they have no where else to go.



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We would also like to acknowledge the amazing support and help we have had from the Lismore Vet Clinic who have been an invaluable support to both us and the native wildlife of this region.

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