Rolf Harris visits Wildlife Mountain

We had the delightful experience of having Rolf Harris visit Wildlife Mountain late in 2000.

The day Rolf and his crew arrived turned out to be one very hot day reaching 40 degrees, but this did not deter them from their job of filming the animals.




Normally we would not allow people access to the pens holding the animals in care as they are very easily stressed and have contact with as few people as possible. The reason alsobeing that they should not be people friendly when released, so the less contact they have at an early age, the easier the release is going to be.



Rolf Harris and the crew were very aware of how to interact in this situation, and we were very impressed with the way they went about it all. No stress to the animals was their main concern. It also became very obvious that Rolf certainly had done this before, the animals responded to him.


It was a great experience for us to see how wildlife films are done, and it was a pleasure to meet such lovely caring people.



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We would also like to acknowledge the amazing support and help we have had from the Lismore Vet Clinic who have been an invaluable support to both us and the native wildlife of this region.

All native birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles are proteced under the Wildlife Act 1975, they may not be captured or harmed in any way without an authority issued under the Wildlife Act.