Red-Necked wallaby

Macropus rufogriseus

Size and Weight

Weight can vary in the male from 15-26 kg.
Female from

Head and body length

In males 77-88 cm. Females 70-84 cm.

Tail length

Males 80cm.average. Females 70cm average

The Red-necked wallaby is reddish brown with grey tips on fur, pronounced reddish-brown neck, paler grey chest. Black muzzle, white stripe on upper lip, and paws and largest toe black.

This wallaby is fairly common in Queensland , North eastern New South Wales and Tasmania. It lives in eucalypt forests, where you would find open areas nearby and in tall coastal heath areas. It is a grazing animal, eating mainly grasses and herbs.

The Red-necked Wallaby is mainly solitary, but will be seen grazing together at night, if disturbed they will scatter in all directions.

They shelter in dense patches of forest during the day, coming out early evening just before dusk to graze.


The Female is sexually mature at about 15 months old and will from there on nearly always have a young in her pouch. Pouch life is about 280 days, and the joey will continue to suckle till it is 12-17 months old.

The male is sexually mature at about 19 months of age.Breeding takes place all year round in most states, except Tasmania, where the breeding season is from January to July.

The Red-necked wallaby is protected by law in all states




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