Python in trouble

8th Octobert 2005 - Sue Ulyatt

Going down his driveway became quite an ordeal for the driver when he too late discovered a Python crossing his path. Too late to stop, he tried to miss the snake that was now under his car, unfortunately he felt the bump as he drove over the animal.

Out of the car he went, only to discover the snake was no where to be seen, he realised the snake may have slid up under the bonnet. Opening the bonnet confirmed the snake was indeed under the bonnet.

Rick went out to rescue the snake that had sustained injuries in the accident. It was operated on at the Vet, and is currently in care with a snake carer. It should have a complete recovery and will be released close to where it was simply crossing the road.


The snake was released after 3 months in care




17 January, 2010


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