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Escape from the jaws of a Python

About the Ringtail possum

Paw-Paw the Ringtail possum

Australia Day possums

Furball the Ringtail possum

Ringtails and a Dogs Life

Professor Bags


About the Mountain Brushtail

Mountain Brushtail possum joey reunited with mum

Mountain Brushtail joey from Federal

Leena the mountain Brushtail

Possum injured at Backpackers

Yogi the Mountain Brushtail

Possum relocation gone wrong

Floss the Bobuck Possum

Ember the Mountain Brushtail

Mim the Mountain Brushtail

Mr Googles


Orphaned Sugar Glider in care

Brown Sugar Glider in care

Sugar Glider from Byron Bay

About the Sugarglider

Sugarglider dies in care

Suges the Sugar-Glider


About the Greater Glider



Helpful hints

Why can't I keep it?

Barbed wire versus native animls

Let us not rubbish our wildlife

How safe is rat and mouse baits?

Unknown faces poem





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