Making a drey using hanging baskets.
It is important that possum homes are strong and waterproof. An artificial drey should resemble as closely as possible, in comfort and size, the natural drey. Hanging baskets conform perfectly to these specifications.

Items Required:
1. Two wire hanging baskets (10” for up to 4 ringtails, 12” for up to 8 ringtails)

2. Two coconut fibre basket liners

How to make the drey

1. Bottom - put the bottom liner inside the wire basket and stick in place.
2. Top - remove the chain and place the fibre liner on top of the wire basket
3. Spread the wire apart on the top basket to make an opening. Cut a tennis ball size hole in the top liner to form an entrance, and stitch in place.
4. Wire the two sections together together in at least four places
5. Extend the chain from the bottom section over the combined baskets and attach a hanging hook (made from a cut-off piece of wire coathanger).
6. Soft leaf litter or coconut fibre can be placed in the bottom of the drey for added comfort for the animal, and a few layers of paperbark tied on top of the drey gives it extra protection from inclement weather and also looks ‘natural’.

Reference WIRES Inc




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