This is quite a large bird at approximately 42cm


The male is bright red on the head and neck and underpants, with bright green wings and back.

The female has a green head, and red underneath. Both have a light green shoulder stripe.

Description and Habits

This beautiful bird lives in moist, tall forests, in eastern Australia, from Cooktown to Melbourne.

The Australian King Parrots form into small flocks, and are very shy, their flight is fast but erratic. They are rarely seen on the ground, feeding in trees on berries, fruits, buds and seeds.

The nest is situated in tree hollows usually in tall eucalypts, these being formed by broken limbs etc. All Australian parrots using these sites as nests are in trouble due to the decline in nesting sites. Frequent fires, land clearing, cutting down the old trees all adds to the destruction of their nesting sites.

Continual breeding is essential for any species to survive, most of our parrots live for a long time, let us hope it is not too late by the time we finally realise the errors of our ways in the way we burn, clear and take over our native forests, the very forests these beautiful birds call home.

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17 January, 2010


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