The Real Face of Wildlife Caring

As a wildlife carer the reality of helping these animals is not always the outcome one would hope for, in some instances we can only alleviate the animals suffering by humanely putting it down. In other cases we try to make it as comfortable as possible, make sure they have veterinary treatment and hope for improvement. In all cases the animals welfare is always the first consideration.

The reason for this page is awareness, if it serves to save just one animal it was worth doing.


What is your dog or cat up to right now ?


What you are seeing here is the result of a dog attack. The entire
stomach and large intestine is prolapsed. The left side of the body was paralysed in places due to back injury. The left hemipenis was also prolapsed.

This Blue Tongue Lizard came in to care in this condition, it was very much alive and active, dragging its stomach around behind it. It would have survived like this for a very long time suffering in silence, had it not be found.It was humanely euthanased.

What is your dog up to right now?




Image courtesy of Rhianna Blackthorn





Is your dog secure at night?

This mountain Brushtail possum was the victim of domestic dogs roaming at night. It did not die straight away, it was found weeks later with infected wounds.


Native animals are usually not found when first injured, they hide away out of sight. If a female, her joey will also die, as it will not be able to fend for itself, it will slowly starve to death.

Please ensure your dog is secure from dusk till dawn, this kind of injury can be avoided, it is your responsibility to ensure native wildlife is safe from your domestic pets.

Do you know what your dog is doing at night?




Swimming Pool Fencing can be fatal

Fencing around swimming pools is necessary for human safety, unfortunately for native animals they can be fatal.

This little swamp wallaby joey died as a result of his mother being trapped between the bars of the fence. The wallaby had somehow tried to get between the bars, trapping her, her struggle to free herself only made matters worse, and she died within an hour from her injuries.

Her little joey, not yet having opened his eyes was wrenched out of the pouch in mums struggle to free herself, injuries sustained were horrific.

This is not the first wallaby that have been trapped in pool fencing. When a wallaby is frightened it will run, taking little notice of where it runs to or into. Habitat loss as we build in former native habitat is taking a huge toll on our wildlife.

This joey and her mum was from Byron Bay, a popular tourist destination.




Check before spraying trees

Injuries such as this can be the result of the simple act of spraying our fruit or ornamental trees for pests, or with fertiliser.

Many native animals hide in our trees during the day. Please check before spraying, injuries such as this can be avoided.

This juvenile Mountain Brushtail possum was humanely euthanased, he had lost his eye sight, and had horrific chemical burns to parts of his body as well as his face.








Fishing Litter Deadly for Wildlife

Unfortunately carers receive a number of calls regarding birds injured by being tangled in fishing line. This is rather sad, considering it is a preventable injury. If you do go fishing, please be responsible and pick up discarded line from the beach.

This Tawny frogmouth had a rusty fishing hook embedded in its leg. The carer was fortunately able to save this bird, seen here just before having the hook removed from its leg.


Yet another victim of discarded fishing line. This Magpie did not fare as well as the Tawny Frogmouth, both of its legs were tied together and broken due to discarded fishing line, it was humanely euthanased.





Mountain Brushtail Treated As Pet Leads to Neglect

This Mountain Brushtail joey was humanely euthanased after being brought in to care. It had been found some time before by a member of the public.



As is often the case not knowing what to feed a native animal or how to house it, will have disastrous results as in this case.


The little possum had been fed cows milk, native Australian animals can not tolerate this long term, it had also not been housed correct and as a result had stressed so much that it was beyond saving. How sad for this little one, as it could have survived had it been brought in to care when first found. Many people want to keep animals in some cases to educate their children, unfortunately disasters such as this is usually the result.

If finding a native animal, please call a registered care group as soon as possible, that way you would not only save the life of the animal,but at the same time educate your children as to what is right for the animal long term.




Fatal Consequences For Relocated Possum

Possums are often relocated by house owners .Please DO NOT do this without first seeking advise from National Parks or your nearest wildlife care organisation.

This image shows clearly what can happen to a possum removed from her home, and given no new home to call her own. Her whole family was trapped and removed and left in the forest close by, un fortunately no new home was provided. She had had her teeth ripped out, infection was well advanced, malnourished and numerous wounds covered her body.She was humanely euthanased.

Possums are territorial, and can not be relocated even close by without being provided with a possum box.

Please call for assistance before attempting a relocation.




Joey Dies after Mother Hit By Car

This little Pademelon joey was brought in to care after the mother was hit by a car and killed, in most cases the joey is fine, even though it must be like being hit by a train in comparison, the protection in the pouch is such that they can and do survive unscathed, not in this case though.

This little one had broken legs and tail, and it was euthanased as soon as it was brought in. You may ask was it worth bringing it in to care? Yes, it was spared going cold in the pouch, it was spared the prolonged pain, as the motorist stopped, and checked the pouch. They can survive for days in the pouch. If you see a dead Marsupial on the road, please stop, check the pouch if it a female, and remember not only do Possums and Macropod's have pouches, so do Bandicoots. At certain times of the year, Echidnas will also develop a "pouch", it is used to carry the small baby Echidna, before it develops its quills.




Victim of Dog Attack

This Mountain Brushtail possum was brought in after having been attacked by a dog, as you can see the wounds are extensive, and it is unlikely this animal would have survived without treatment.This one was lucky, in normal circumstances a dog attack takes place at night out of sight when the dog owner is totally unaware of what the dog is up to. It is as said before the instinct of the dog to hunt, sometimes it

may not even be the fault of the dog, it may just go up to the possum to say hello.But possums are not friendly to dogs and will react simply because it is frightened.

This one was in care for 10 days, it had veterinary treatment and the wounds were treated daily. It was then released back where it came from as possums are territorial, an adult MUST go back to its home territory. The old ways of relocating a possum is no longer an option, it has been proven that they do not survive a relocation, as usually there is already a resident possum in the territory, and it will not tolerate competition.




Shocking Injuries from Dog Attack

You never really know what you may find when you are called to rescue an injured animal, but nothing could have prepared us for this one, it was yet another dog attack. It had happened some time before the possum was discovered, and one can only imagine the suffering endured by this animal. It was somehow still alive, at least we were able to end its suffering.

We can only hope that with education and awareness this sort of incident may in time happen less frequently. We are not asking people not to have dogs or cats but we do ask on behalf of the native animals of this country to PLEASE be aware of the injury our domestic pets can cause. It is unnecessary, all it takes is to be a responsible pet owner, keep your pet contained specially at night when our native animals are active.




Think Before You Chop and Cut

Cleaning up the yard is something we all do, cutting up that tree that have become too large, or the Coco's palm that we now realise is possibly not the right thing to have, as

the unripe fruits are poisonous to Flying Foxes, so we do the right thing, and out comes the chainsaw.

That is what happened to this unfortunate Ringtail possum.The drey being the home built by the possum, was in the middle of the Coco's palm, unfortunately right where the chainsaw cut through. Possums will not flee the drey when frightened, they will freeze in fright as did this ringtail and her family. Both male and female died shortly after the incident, and unfortunately the 2 baby ringtails were too small to be hand reared. Please check before removing trees and scrubs that no one is calling it home.

Picture on the right shows a Mountain Brushtail sleeping during the day, we may not be as lucky as in this picture where we can actually see the possum, normally you would not know it was there.




Roaming Dogs Terrorise Wildlife

This unfortunate young Mountain Brushtail possum was found sitting under a tree surrounded by flies. If a possum is on the ground during daylight hours, you can almost certainly be sure there is a major problem, as in this case.

It did not take much investigation by David, the property owner, to realise this animal needed help. When I arrived I was able to catch it fairly quickly as it was so debilitated it was not able to put up much of a struggle, how sad to see such a beautiful little fellow in such a state as this. Nature was kind, and he died not long after being brought in to care.

It would not be possible to save this animal as the wounds were not fresh, and the damage much too great. What happened? I do not know, but the owner of the property had for some time found other native animals with wounds similar to this, all had previously been dead when found. He had seen dogs roaming at night, considering this is in a National Park, one wonders where did these dogs come from





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