Going out to feed the wallaby joey's' I was alerted to something coming throughthe bush behind the nursery pen.

Looking around, it did not take me long to find out what it was.



Following the direction of the watchful eye of a Brush Turkey that is often around led me to a very large Carpet Python making it's was through the undergrowth.


We were amazed at how the Brush Turkey reacted to the snake, it did not run away as we would have thought, instead it tried hard to make the snake go away by scratching dirt, leaves and bush litter into the face of the snake, covering the snake with bits of forest material. A mighty effort on the part of the Brush Turkey, it followed the snake keeping a meter in front of the snake and continuing its assault on the snake.


The snake did not take any notice of the Brush Turkey, it just kept going on its way.




A small wallaby also got in on the act, watching the strange interaction, it was not as frightened as I would have imagined, it watched with curiosity studying the snake and Brush Turkey and when the snake came too close it darted off into the bush.

You can see in image on the right the wallaby in front of the snake. As the snake went further away from the Brush Turkey's chosen spot, the Bush Turkey stopped its assault making sure the snake kept moving on.



Shane decided to have a closer look at this beautiful animal, and as you can see the myth about snakes such as these are not true. The snake will not attack or even attempt to bite, as long as it does not feel that it is threatened. Shane watched closely as this snake went back into the bush.





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We would also like to acknowledge the amazing support and help we have had from the Lismore Vet Clinic who have been an invaluable support to both us and the native wildlife of this region.

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