Mountain Brushtail joey reunited with mum


August 2012

Melissa of Rosebank was sitting on her verandah late in the afternoon when she heard a faint cry coming from close by. She investigated and found this tiny Mountain Brushtail possum joey on the ground under some trees.

She picked up the little possum and called for help.


The possum joey was taken in to care and later just before dusk the joey was taken back to Melissa's place in the hope that mum possum may be around. Unfortunately we were unable to locate mum so the joey was brought back in to care.






The following evening just before dusk we went back for a second try, and this time as soon as mum heard her joey cry out she came through the trees to retrieve her baby.

The joey was put on a branch as high as we could reach, and he hung on as mum came towards him.

Just as she was close enough for him to reach her he dropped to the ground, fortunately the ground was covered in mulch so he had a soft landing.

We all held our breath, wanting to rush over and pick him up we stood silently and after only a few seconds mum came all the way down to him. She waited a few minutes as he made his way in to the pouch and then she went back up in the trees with her joey once again safely in her pouch.






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