Great Egret

Ardea modesta

The Great Egret is found all around the world near or in shallow water. Apart from arid areas, they are fairly common in Australia in the shallows of wetlands, rivers or swamps, estuaries and mudflats.


They are truly beautiful birds white all over with long black or olive green legs, and their neck is very long, in fact longer than their body with a distinctive kink two thirds up..





Both male and female share the building of the nest in a tree near the water. The nest is a platform made of sticks where usually two or three eggs are laid. They use the nest year after year, and many pairs will nest close together.


They feed in the water wading slowly or standing still, then suddenly stabbing with their long beak into the water where they may have found a fish, crustacean, reptile or an aquatic insect.





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