Black Kite

Milvus migrans

This magnificent raptor is also called Fork- tailed Kite due to its long forked tail.

Black Kites are found in most of mainland Australia often close to outback towns where they will circle high above. They are also found in Africa, Europe and Asia.

Back Kites can be seen in large flocks near bushfires in outback Australia. They will feed on small mammals, lizards and insects in particular grasshoppers as they try to escape the flames. Road kill is also consumed, unfortunately this can in turn result in the Kite being injured or killed if not fast enough to fly away as cars approach.

Black Kites nest is small groups or they may nest isolated. Their cup shaped nest is lined with soften material and built of sticks, is located in the fork, close to the trunk of a tree. The female incubate the eggs whilst the male collects food for her.  









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